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As we interact with our horses we need to realize that the horse feels everything; from the breath we take to the energy and intent behind our thoughts. As soon as contact is made, whether it be through the lead rope, the reins, the saddle, or a touch, the horse feels us, they are very good at connecting to us and they react to what our body and energy tells them. Often we jar them by our quick movements, our rush to get things done, and our lack of consideration for how our contact with them feels. Once we are able to open up, breathe correctly and truly be in the moment with our horse amazing things starts to happen. Our horses soften and become available to their rider, they develop trust and learn that their riders actually can be good leaders, and be leaders that they want to follow. Each time our students ride, touch, and do ground work with the horses, we ask them to think about their connection to the horse, and be mindful that the horse feels every thought we have, and the intention behind that thought. When we ride our goal is to move with the horse, to feel his footsteps, and to breathe in such a way that he relaxes enough to move naturally under saddle, at this point it seems effortless to blend together and move as one. We can apply this to all equine disciplines from gaming, to dressage, from trail riding to eventing.

Our instructor and trainer, Cheryl Davenport, has developed a program that is based on the above statements and is what she feels true horsemanship is about. A few years ago a friend of hers stumbled upon a book by international clinician and author, Mark Rashid, and passed the book on to her. Marks books helped her to see she was on the right track, and that there are other people out there that believe as she does. Reading his books and attending a few of his clinics has helped her come up with the above statements and develop her training and lesson program into what it is today. Heather Burke, another clinician and horse trainer, has also had a positive influence on Cheryl's journey. Both people have played an important role in helping her seek, experiment, and work on softness in her horsemanship, teaching and in her life. She offers horse training and lessons to horse owners, and has four school horses for those people without horses.

Our lesson schedule is as follows:

Lessons are offered Monday-Thursday and can be scheduled from 10:00am-6:00pm.

Private lessons are $55.00 and Group Lessons (2-4 students) are $40. We do have lesson horses available
for those students without horses.

If you are interested in having Cheryl work with you and your horse in either a private or a group lesson,
you are welcome to trailer your horse in as long as your horse is healthy and has a current coggins.

Our training

Please contact Cheryl via email at if you want information on training or
having her travel to your barn for lessons.

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